im stuck in windows -- will my projects open in mac when i f

Hello all - its been a very long time since I had anything to ask about, but if this is a problem, i will just do the work in word and transfer the files that way… but only if i have to. In the end what Im asking is this - if I’ve worked really hard on a project and am running the most current versions of scrivener in windows will I be able to load that work into the newest mac version when I finally get a new mac (and after a lot of considersation ive chosen to go with the mac mini; it seems to me the cheapest way to go from PC to Mac without breaking the bank… granted, ultimately i have waited in PC land for something far more powerful, but it seems to me that with all the current options it isnt worth it until they refresh the macbookpro’s with haswell chips and then finally take the curtain up off the price of the macpro. I bought 400gig’s of iDrive storage and have moved everything important from this machine (mp3s, writing etc) to the cloud in preparation for when i get a mac mini which should be before the end of the month and plan to use that until everything else is refreshed. I’ll buy ram and a server grade SSD from other world computing that way the mac mini is no slouch and then use target disk mode to move everything again once I get the mac that will be the real work horse. In the meantime, I need to know the bottom line - if I do a lot of serious writing in the Windows version will I be able to simply email myself the file(s) and open them in Mac or will there be file incompatibility issues?


The only major thing you’ll lose access to are any compile settings. The two platforms use their own compile settings for now as there are too many differences between the versions. Beyond that here is a brief article describing what you’ll see: … patibility

As Ioa said, the files should be fine.

However, since you specifically mentioned emailing to yourself, you should know that Scrivener projects are actually folders, and emailing folders can be problematic. The best way to email a Scrivener project is to use the File -> Backup -> Backup To command, create a ZIP backup, and email that. The ZIP file keeps all the components of the project in one place so that they travel through the ether together.