I'm sure this is a dumb question --

And the answer probably staring me in the face… :confused:
How do I access special font characters, like the cent symbol?

Edit | Character Map

But how to you apply some of those characters that you use often to keystrokes? You can do that in Word, but I can’t find a way to do it in Scrivener Windows. You can’t keep going back and forth to the character map every time you want an “a” with a circumflex or an “e” with an accent.


You could memorize the ALT codes. If you look in the lower right corner of the Character Map when you have a symbol selected it displays a keyboard code for that symbol. with Num Lock turned on, hold the ALT key and type the 4 digit code - ALT+0226 for â.

Or for characters you use a lot, you could set up a substitution so something like \a gets replaced with â.

Edit: I see from your other post that you’re not writing in English - so you may be using a LOT of special characters. In that case in the Windows Control Panel if you add a Welsh keyboard layout, does that not get you the characters you need?

In addition to, or as an alternative to, mapping characters through Control Panel, you might find that AutoHotKey (AHK) allows you to map special characters in a more flexible and customized way. There is almost certainly an AHK script already out there that remaps most of the common special characters, and that would be fairly easy to tweak as needed for the mappings to fall most easily under your fingers.

You can also order a bilingual keyboard from any computer store in Ontario or Quebec. That will give you access to all the French-language characters.

And I suspect you could get a Spanish-language keyboard from computer stores in Texas, California or Arizona.

You might also look into using the US International layout, which enables the AltGr functions. I think the Right-Alt might even already be considered AltGr in Scrivener, but if not the Ctrl-Alt combo should work.

Sorry if I’m way off on all that. I use Windows through a virtual machine, which kind of abstracts keyboard input a bit.