I'm using Scrivener for reflections that MAY become a book

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Scrivener community, although I’ve been using Scrivener for about a year now on and off. I first used it to organise my undergraduate honours thesis, but the learning curve was a little too steep for a young adult too busy to even eat, so I didn’t follow through.

Now, I’m working on a product idea for writers (will reveal it in time to come), and I’ve decided to use Scrivener again, since I’ve mostly heard great things about it as a writer’s dream tool. 8)

I write mostly about facets of life relating to different things, like careers, business, family, etc. I’m drawing mostly from my experiences nowadays trying to build a physical product as a business without many technical skills to boot, and from my interaction with an increasing number and variety of people.

In Scrivener, I’m storing everything I write in a single project. I’ve been writing a Note (the most basic unit of text in the software; I think it’s called a Note?) everyday for a few months now, and when I’m done writing a note, I either leave it in the “Yet to be categorised” default folder or I move it into categorical folders, like “Habits”, “Psychology”, and “The ‘Writer’”. These, I imagine, would form the basis of book chapters if I ever come to think that the content needs to be published (it’s very personal!).

:arrow_right: A good filing system I’ve used is that whenever I publish a written Note as a post on my blog, I add the Keyword “Published to blog” to the Note so that I can keep track of which Notes have and haven’t been published before.

I thought I’d share how I’m using Scrivener as my first post, since we all like finding something in common in other people (and most of us here use Scrivener). Please let me know if you think there’s a better way to organise my writing, or any other good suggestions in general!

I’d also love to hear how different your use case is with your Scrivener. :slight_smile: