iMac 21.5" (late 2009)

I thought maybe someone around here would like to hear about the new iMacs.

I recently switched from a 13.3" MacBook to a 21.5" iMac. This machine is not only beautiful but it also sports a panoramic 16.9 aspect-ratio display, very useful to fill it with left- and right-side panels (think of the binder and inspector in Scrivener).

I considered a 27" model for a few days but its so-much-higher screen resolution finally put me off. The 21.5" screen size may seem small in comparison at your store but I can assure it feels great at home. To tell you the truth, my aging eyes also prefer the lower resolution.

Unless you are a professional graphic designer or video editor, I guess most writers will be very happy going “small”.



Hi Pablo,
I got my friendly Apple email ten days … 2739&sr=em
Got horny straight away! :open_mouth: Took looooong cold shower! :open_mouth: Didn`t work!! still horny!! :frowning:
Take care

Hi Vic,

Not sure if I understood your post. Your link takes me to the iMac web site. :question:

(it must be me, you know, I never got those highest marks in English :smiley: )


Mr K is being vulgar. Again. He is unable to control himself in moments of passion and his iMac lust is forcing us to endure one of those moments.

Poor Mrs K.

Hola Pablo mi amigo,
el iMac es una chica muy sexy … ¡no

Neither did I Pablo, neither did I :laughing: :laughing: I thought you were saying how gorgeous the new iMac are, I`m agreeing with you :wink:
take care mi amigo,

Ola Pablo

Vic’s an Anglo, so he gets confused about passion. He doesn’t understand that there is more than one kind, so when you praise the new iMacs, he starts talking sex. Show him a beautiful woman and he starts talking computers. What a confused life they lead, these Anglophones. :unamused:

Geoff (a former Anglophone!)

Hola Geoff,

I guess that explains all… :smiley:

:open_mouth: Culo Smart!