iMac Desktop + M1Mac & iCloud

 My Desktop iMac crashed and I recovered my 'Old Stuff'. Before the Crash both my Desktop and Laptop synced without any problems. Before the Debacle, I turned off iCloud Optimize Storage as recommended by Scrivener Rep rep I contacted via Email. After the Crash, the iCloud Sync stopped working (maybe after one of the System/Security updates - I don't know).
 I would prefer to NOT email myself the 'AutoSave' file and copy it to my Docs Folder, haven't tried it and would rather not go down that path.
 I'm now stuck - any help would be appreciated.

Is there a Scrivener-related issue here? Getting your iCloud sync working is an Apple problem you are having, of course.

If the task at hand is how to get a Scrivener project from one of your macs to another without emailing the project to yourself, there are several ways you could proceed: 1) use the Finder to copy the Scriv project file onto a flash drive and just carry it over to your other mac and copy it to your harddrive there, 2) Use Airdrop to wirelessly copy the file directly from one machine to the other. 3) If you have a Dropbox account or the like, you can pass it across that way. 4) Finally, just work on the project on the one machine until you get you iCloud drive woes sorted out.

If your iCloud drive is not working right, I would not store my valuable projects in that sync-enabled drive space until further notice. And backup your harddrive regularly.

Imagine that, LowTech thumb drive, Works Like a Charm! Thanks, I’m back in the saddle again.