iMac / iPad / iCloud

Not a fan of Dropbox so I would just like to make sure I understand the best method of syncing a Scrivener project between an iMac and iPad using iCloud.

On the iPad, Scrivener saves the project file locally, then I would manually copy that file to the Scrivener folder I have on iCloud.

That’s all there is to it, correct?

I’m guessing that there’s a technical reason you can’t select a folder location on the iPad?



The iCloud API doesn’t give Keith enough access to ensure that an open Scrivener project (which is potentially hundreds or even thousands of closely related files, at least from the disk and sync service point of view) is safely synchronized via iCloud. Dropbox does. Hence, if you use any other mechanism than Dropbox, you need to manually move the project between the local storage and the area that iCloud can get to. Because you’re doing this with a saved project and Scrivener is closed, you don’t run the same potential risks of project files changing underneath you as you’re trying to copy them.

So I’m correct?

I wouldn’t use iCloud myself, unless you are making sure to copy the project out of the iCloud folder on the Mac to the location where you open the project. Otherwise, you still have iCloud syncing the live project from that side.

I don’t think it answered my question directly but I appreciate you taking the time to reply.