iMac Remote Control

One and a half year ago, when I “unboxed” my iMac, there was a cute little remote control in the box. It is still resting in my drawer - I have no idea how to put it in function. Do I have to insert a batterie? And then: How? I haven’t found a way to open it.

I imagine a remote control could be quite comfortable when presenting slide shows via Front Row, more comfortable than sitting beside the computer with the mouse.

Anyone among the well-trained Mac-users who could give me a hint? You’re welcome.

You should be able to just point it at the infra-red sensor and press the appropriate button. I used to use mine to control Keynote and it was great, but I think the battery in the remote must have got used up because it seemed to stop functioning after a while.

I’m now getting organised to use my SonyEricsson mobile phone as a controller via bluetooth … even better, 'cos I won’t have to be facing the computer, I can do it from anywhere.


My remote control simply does nothing. I point it at the computer, FrontRow up or whatever, press the buttons… nothing.

At the lower end, there is a part that moves slightly when I press it - gives the impression that it might be a kind of small drawer that comes out when someone knows how to press it right - a drawer that might contain a batterie - but I don’t know how.


There’s a release button on the bottom of the Apple Remote. The battery is probably still wrapped in plastic to prevent discharge

You may need to “pair” the remote again. Not sure which OS you are on, but apple has good direction on their support site. Start here.

If you need to change the battery this is also on the site, but here is the synopsis.

  1. Unbend paper clip.
  2. Find battery door (look for dent in bottom of remote)
  3. Press dent with pointy end of paper clip
  4. Remove battery holder and replace battery.

My battery has lasted 2 years but yours may have sat on a shelf for a while. I would bet on the pairing.

Would be interesting to know if the iMac in question and its mysterious remote control is still in use. Thirteen years later.

Regrettably not. The computer in question died at the end of 2016 during a copy operation to a USB stick. And the new iMac I had to buy no longer came with a remote control. So, in a way, the problem is solved …

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