Image Alignment

As I’ve searched through all the manuals, forum, and FAQs, I see that Mac users have some control over the alignment of images in the pages, but what about Windows users? Images embedded in documents are ignored during the import, or sometimes added to Research (haven’t found an import format to do that yet but hoping), but what about images added to the document in Windows from Research?

I can control the size but I have no option to control the alignment. Is this not available in Windows yet? I’m working on ebooks so is there a way of embedding some HTML or something to align the images to the left, right, or center?


When I enter an image and want to align it (after sizing it with ), all I do is return to the main screen, position the cursor in front of the image (so that the cursor is flashing against the left margin of the image), then click on the Center button.

If you’re in Full Screen or would rather use shortcuts, you can also use for Right Align, for Center, and for left.

Maybe this isn’t working in your beta copy?

I didn’t think about using the text alignments. Interesting - and didn’t work. Moved the image over a tiny bit, but the text does not wrap around the image.

I’m in the beta of Windows. Maybe it’s not fixed yet.


Using the text-alignment controls for the image should work, but if your image is nearly the width of the editor you may not see much difference. Wrapping text around images isn’t easily possible on either the Mac or Windows version; this is something you’d need to do after compiling, using a page-layout program. For e-books, word-wrapping around images isn’t terribly common–I don’t think .mobi even supports it yet. However, if you’re familiar with CSS, it is possible to edit the stylesheet.css found in the “resources” folder of the Scrivener directory and achieve wrapping for epub. (You’ll probably want to save the original stylesheet.css in another location or rename it something like “stylesheetORIGINAL.css” in case you want to revert to it.)