Image background and PNG

The background of images added to projects is black. This makes it impossible to see transparent PNG images that are basically black line drawings, or black images over transparent backgrounds. Is there any way to change the background of images in the Synopsis view, in other image views?

Preferences:Appearance:Customizable Colors.

  1. Index cards > Image Background
  2. Views > Media Background

There might be one or two others; hunt around a bit and you’ll find them.

The only relevant one I could find was Index cards > Image Background. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Whereas the background colour for images is indeed changed to white in synopsis view in the inspector, transparent PNGs dragged to it still appear full black.

Scrivener can display PNGs with an alpha channel, because such images can be dragged directly to a text document and appear normally. It seems they just aren’t displayed in the synopsis and media views.

Please see this project for an example:

The image used in this project is here (already imported into above project):

Ah ha, I definitely see what you mean here now. The background matte can be changed in preferences, but alpha channels are not being properly processed when dropped in here. If I drag in a PNG with black text in it, the result is just a black rectangle within the custom image background colour that I set. This looks like an oversight.

Fixed for 2.0.1.