Image Caption and Microsoft Word

I am adding some images with their relative caption in my manuscript using:


Figure <$n:figure:capital>. text of the caption[/code]

It works greatly if I export in PDF, however, when I compile the text in Microsoft Word I have the text underneath the image, but the caption it is not considered by Microsoft Word as such. Consequently I need to click on the image, add a caption and then copy paste my text.

I suppose there is some better way to do it, but I cannot find it. Any advices?

Scrivener does not support natural captions, just styled text. I believe the limitation has to do with the style of image it has access to, which is a simple inline image—one that acts more like a character than a box element that is anchored to some element on the page (or the page itself). I’m pretty sure you need the latter to have adornments added to the image object, like captions, but I’m no word processing guru.

In short, I think the method you describe is probably going to be the easiest way to go about it.