Image colouring issue

Every time I put a colour image onto a page in Scrivener, save, and then quit the program the colours invert when I start it up again! Oddly, it only affects the same image over and over–I put a full colour image and it’s fine.

The image that keeps changing can be found here on my photobucket account, which also contains the screen shot of how the image looks like now. (Let me know if you can’t access the link properly).

This is really confusing and kinda distracting so I hope there is a solution to this.

EDIT: The steps I take when this happens

I drag and drop the image from my Finder folder into Scrivener on the page I want to put it. I go about my business then save-up, close, and the image is fine until I open the program up again.

The crosshair was drawn on Illustrator, which I then converted to a .jpg image on Photoshop (both are CS5 products).

When I was testing out a different full colour image I tried inserting on the same page, removed it, then created a new page in the same project binder and inserted the different image there. Strangely the crosshair went back to normal (but not completely as the red dot was pixelated and a lighter shade). I re-inserted the crosshair and quit Scrivener. As usual, the crosshair colours inverted again, but the full colour image on the other page stayed the same.

I remember seeing this issue once before with another image, but I can’t find the thread on it now. As I recall, it’s do do with the data in the image - the OS X text system doesn’t like it. Ah, this may be related: … -OS-X.aspx

Try re-saving the image as RGB and then importing and see if that helps.

As I say, I’ve only ever heard of this happening once before, and it’s down to OS X rather than anything particular in Scrivener. However, Scrivener does need to be able to convert the image to JPG or PNG data internally in order to store it in its RTF files, so it may be that this particular image doesn’t work well when converted.

Let me know if converting it to RGB helps - the link you posted required a login, so I couldn’t see the image for myself, unfortunately.

All the best,

Hi, I’ve also come across this problem and was looking for a solution. Images look fine on being inserted then when the file is closed and reopened they become negative.

My images were all CYMK, so I tried converting to RGB and can confirm that this worked.

Thanks for the tip.