Image copies vs Image references


Perhaps a daft question to ask, but …

If I drag an image in to Scapple, and then use Alt-Drag to make a duplicate of it within the document, does Scapple (internally) make a reference to the original image (so Scapple stores only one image even if used repeatedly within the document), or does it make copies (thus having multiple internal objects, increasing the file size accordingly)?

I write as I would like to annotate a series of relatively detailed images as part of an animation guideline that will naturally use the same image set a few times - I will change the approach if I will end up with a massive file and memory footprint.

Thanks - still loving Scapple!


Hi Mike,

Under the current implementation, it makes a copy of the data, so you will end up with a larger file.

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Thanks Keith. Handy to know.

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I would like to superimpose text and connections over an image so as to annotate different parts of the image. But I am having some problems. I start off with a Scapple with complex pattern of notes and connections already created in it. Next I drag the image into the Scapple. Then when I try to move the various texts onto it or around in it, I cannot. Instead what happens is that Scapple creates connections between the text and the image, while the text returns to its original place. I have tried moving the image to the back. But this does not solve the problem. Also, while I can see the text superimposed over the image, the connecting arrows are not visible. What am I doing wrong here? Many thanks!

There’s already a discussion on this. Here’s a link that might help. :slight_smile: