Image cropped during Paperback Compiling

I have 6 images imported into my Scrivener folder. They all look fine in Scrivener. When I try to compile in Paperback format, the first image appears cropped in the pdf. Its right border is missing. The other 5 images have no issue. I have tried to edit the image by reducing its width. This surprisingly makes no difference until I drastically reduce its width to a quarter of the page. Only then Scrivener decided to follow suit and reduce the image to a quarter of the page. I just want the image to look in the pdf as it does in Scrivener.
Is this a bug? How do I get around it? And why does this happen only to the first image? A screenshot of the pdf problem is enclosed.

Possibly an indent? See:


Thank you! This is exactly what was happening. Fixed it now with the indent reset.