Image Display Issues when Compiling PDF

Hi there!
I’m trying to compile a pdf file for a paperback book and I’m having trouble with three specific image files. One png and two jpg. Their sizes are 1.72MB, 2.73MB, 3.40MB. I should point out that the project includes about 20 other image files; all of them jpg or png and many over 3.40MB. These are the only ones giving me problems.
When I compile, everything else is perfect, but these images have been replaced by placeholder icons. Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Sometimes a picture gets the wrong extension for its Format. When you open them in Notepad, can you confirm it’s the correct Format for the extension?

Or maybe there’s a small mistake in the filepath?

You haven’t mixed up the two Format’s and treat the one as the other?

Hi Antoni!

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the extension matches the image format. But, I’m afraid I’m not quite savvy enough to understand your other possible solutions.
If you have time, could you explain them to me, as though you were talking to a small child? :laughing:

Many thanks