Image entered into Synopsis by PASTE and not only Insert file/drag and drop

Hi. I like having an image in the Synopsis so that I can quickly reposition an move the index cards on the corkboard.

Right now the only way to get an image into the Synopsis is to “Drop an image here” which requires an image file dragged from a desktop folder.

I would like image handling to also permit to simply “Paste” an image into the Synopsis. We can paste reference images into the text documents and when we want to set one for the synopsis it would be nice to just copy the image from the text document and paste into the synopsis.

Right now I need to copy the image, then paste into an image program (like MS Paint), save as a JPG into a folder then drag that JPG into the synopsis window. Tons of wasted time and steps.


Thanks, that sounds like a good improvement to me. I will add it to the list for consideration.