Image format in Word output

My images look right in Scrivener, but when I compile to Word they come out with ridiculous formatting. What I want is to have 6.5" maximum widths. What I get is large, sometimes 16" widths, that overflow the right margin and blow up the pagination.

Is there a way to control this from Scrivener?

Have you been using the Page View mode for the most part? If so, that’s not really a tool meant to be used for laying out text, it’s more of a viewing preference. One thing that it does is automatically (and only visually) shrink images to fit the width of the margin area so that they don’t blow make a mess of the “pages”. If you switch this mode off, you should see your images more to their actual size. From there you can double-click on them to change their size (you can do that from Page View as well, but since you can’t see the actual size of the image until it is smaller than the margin area, it’s better to stay out of that mode while fixing many images).