Image formats supported on Linux?

Right now, the only image format that the linux build seems to support is PNG. I just wanted to check if this is correct, or if maybe there is something wrong with my computer.

Could this mean that no one is really using images on their projects? Or is this known already and that’s what I’m not getting an answer?

I just tried an inserted a jpeg. The options I had were for bmp, gif, ico, jpeg, jpg, mng, pbm, png, ppm, svg, svgz, tif, tiff, xbn, xpn

So I’m really doing something wrong :frowning: I can only add png.

Ok, I only have bmp and png available, no gif or jpeg. The thing is, I have the same behavior on my netbook and my desktop, both of which are running Ubuntu 11.04.

Could someone else please confirm they can add jpg and gif images in Scrivener for Linux?

I’m also using Ubuntu 11.04 and I’ve been able to add GIF and JPEG images. When loading an image file I get the same options as Eve.

I tried adding some pictures whilst stracing Scrivener. The only thing that looked relevant was it uses the files in the directory /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/imageformats/ so that might be something to check.

Thanks a lot for your insight. Here’s what I got:

  • It would seem that for the Scrivener to work the way it is intended to, it has to be installed in ‘/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte’.

  • The deb file that is going around installs it in ‘/usr/share/LiteratureAndLatte’. Likewise, if you run it from your home folder.

  • So, unless you follow the specific directions from the wiki, you end up using some system libraries instead of Scrivener’s. Maybe you could make a better deb file somehow, maybe not.

  • And also, if you happen to have a previous installation by following the instructions from the wiki and then install a new version somewhere else, for instance, by using a deb file, you might end up having a weird mix of libraries doing all sort of weird things.

(The aftermath of my discovery is that I can now add jpg and gifs, and I can see webpages, but Scrivener takes two minutes to start :frowning: )