Image going on new page when compiled


I am trying to add an image to my Title Page. But when I compile the project to PDF, it ends up on a new page after the Title Page, and at its original size (I was re-sizing it in Scrivener).

Attached are screenshots. Thoughts?


If you look at the size of the image compared to the size of the title text in both images (compiled and in the editor), it looks about the same, so this looks right to me. The problem, I think, is just that you are using one of the Compile formats that result in quite small pages (such as one of the paperback formats), so the page isn’t big enough for both the title and the image - thus the image spills over to the next page.

The solution is simply to move the title up a little (delete a couple of the blank lines above it) and shrink the image a little more, until both fit on the page when compiled. (You might also want to get rid of one of the empty lines between the title and the image.)

All the best,

Thanks Keith! That worked. It’s always something obvious that I miss. Thankful for this forum and your help.

Great, glad you got it working okay!