image is distorted and cropped

I have an image I would like to put next to my text but when I try the image appears distorted and cropped. If I put the image in the research folder as a file by itself it appears normally. I have tried with the image as both a jpeg and a tiff.

Update: I did a little more research- this happens with every image created using the Grab utility. Adding a sample image.

I’m not quite clear what you’re describing from the words and image, but have you checked the image size in the text? Assuming that you’re talking about inline images (pictures in the editor, where you’re working with the text), you can double-click the image to adjust the size. If it’s too large for the editor, it will be cropped; it’s also possible to have the “aspect ratio” box unchecked, and resizing without that lock would distort the image.

I haven’t adjusted the scale of the image or unlocked the aspect ratio. The problem seems to be project specific. I copied the scrivening over to a new project and the image appeared fine.

I’m not entirely sure I understand the problem as the screenshots provided don’t really tell me anything nor do they seem to tally with your description, as MM says - the screenshots are of the corkboard rather than of an image. Oh, wait, was the first screenshot intended as an example image to drag into the text rather than as a screenshot of the issue? I’m confused!

Anyway, if you drag an image into the text, it will be dropped in at full size, so if the image is wider than the text area then it will disappear off the right edge - just resize it as necessary to fit it all in. Image quality in the editor isn’t always perfect as it is rendered by the OS X text system, but it shouldn’t be distorted - perhaps you could provide a screenshot that demonstrates the issue?


You are right- the screenshot I used is confusing. The image that is distorted is a screenshot of the cork board. Notice how blurry the text is in the second screenshot. The blurriness is there as soon as the image is dropped in.

It looks as though it has been scaled up (even though it was just dropped in). Unfortunately I have no control over how images get rendered in the text area, as it’s all handled by Apple’s text system. However, I just tested this myself and everything looked fine.

Are you in page layout view by any chance? In page layout view, when you drop an image into the text it will get resized so that its width fits the page. This doesn’t affect the actual scale or size, and when you switch to non-page layout view you will see the image back in its original size, but I have to force images not be bigger than the page width because of a bug in the OS X text system that can cause pages after an image not to be laid out at all if the image is too large.


I’m not in Page Layout view. Is there anything project specific that could cause this? Similar to your experience, when I created a test project with the same image I had no issue.

Oh, wait - it’s not something as simple as you having the zoom of the editor set to something above 100%, is it? Obviously that would scale the image up along with the text, so it would be fuzzier because it’s getting blown up from a lower resolution.

Yes! That was it.