Image Issue on Compile

Hi all,

When compiling to Word, Scrivener seems to have an issue with one particular image, and it is missing in the Word document.
I’ve deleted the image from my scrivener doc, then used link to file to place it again, to no avail.

How can I fix this please?


Do you think it might be a problem with the image file itself? What happens if you try to insert it direct into the Word document?

Yes I can insert it into the Word doc no problem.
I wonder if there’s some hidden characters in my Scrivener Doc that causes the problem? I have many tifs in my Doc that were all created the same way. Weird!

What happens if you duplicate the file, then point Scrivener to the duplicate? Or failing that, if you took a screen grab of the image and pointed Scrivener to the PNG?

Scrivener doesn’t render the duplicate on compile either!

What about the screen grab?

I recreated the image and Scrivener now exports it on compile. It must have been something screwy about the original tif.