Image not displaying on ios

Hi everyone,

I have imported several image files into my project and inserted one image into each of my text documents. Both the text and images display on Scrivener for Mac. However, when I open the project on my iphone, the image only appears as a blank image of a piece of paper with a chain icon in the middle. The actual image does not display. The text is still there.

Is this a limitation of Scrivener for ios or am I doing something wrong?


Does anyone know the answer to this?

It’s not a limitation of iOS Scrivener, which displays images just fine.

The chain icon suggests a broken link, which might arise from incomplete synchronization or if you have linked images on a volume that the iOS version doesn’t have access to.


Hi Katherine. Thanks for your reply.

The pictures are in the app/scrivener directory. I have dragged and dropped them into the project. I then imported them into the relevant text files.

On the iPhone they appear in the file tree and I can view them from the file tree but they don’t display in the text files.

It seems odd that they can display from the file tree but not the text files so I’m not sure how the iOS version doesn’t have access to them.

I would be grated if you could explain further.