image of different backgrounds next to each other

When I compile a Scrivener file in Kindle format, I get different (white and yellow) backgrounds in paragraphs next to each other. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

Some of your text in the editor has a white highlight applied, which is appearing in the Kindle when the device is set to one of the alternative background colours. You’ll need to select the offending text in the editor and then choose “Remove Color” from the Format > Highlight menu. If you temporarily change your editor background to something non-white (in the Appearance tab if Tools > Options), you’ll be able to load your full draft in a Scrivenings session and quickly find any text you need to change. You could also use Edit > Find >Find by Formatting to search through the draft for any text with a highlight.

Thanks a lot for your help! I just had to follow your instructions to get it done.