Image Placeholder Links dont' compile to DOCX

I am using the latest Scrivener 2.4 and latest Mac OS X.

I have image placeholder links pointing to image files on disk.

If I compile to PDF, or compile to .doc, the output includes the image files.

If I compile to .docx, the output does not include the image files.

Is there a known issue with this? I seem to recall there being some special java-based converter to install, but I never installed it.

If you want to compile directly to Word or OpenOffice formats, you should use the Java converters, the default ones that Apple supplies are rarely worth using. If you’d rather not have Java on your computer, then stick with RTF. That’s the native format and so it will produce the highest quality output. It is what Scrivener uses internally before handing it off to the Java converters. If you really need a .doc/x file, then open the RTF in Word, Nisus Writer or OpenOffice and save it to the format you desire, from there.

To clarify the reason for this, too, it’s because the Java exporters allow us to create fully-featured Word files (the only good third-part Word exporters we have found that we can build into Scrivener being Java-based). Without Java installed, Scrivener has to fall back on the OS X native .docx exporters, the same ones used by TextEdit, which have no support for images, footnotes, headers and footers, comments and suchlike. But as Ioa says, if you really don’t want to install Java for some reason, just stick to exporting to RTF, and open that in Word or a program that fully supports RTF (not Pages or TextEdit). (Internally, Scrivener passes RTF through the Java exporters to create .doc and .docx files anyway.)

All the best,

Very helpful, thanks.

It’s true that I intentionally chose not to install Java on my machine. So I’ll use RTF export.