Image Placeholder Tags and MMD

Are Image Placeholder Tags supposed to work with MMD compilation?

If I use an Image Placeholder Tag and compile to RTF, it includes the image.
If I use an Image Placeholder Tag and compile to MMD -> RTF, it doesn’t include the image.

I believe this is actually a result of the lossy RTF converter that is being used (embedded graphics do not work either). RTF is actually not officially supported by MMD, we’re using an optional script that just uses Apple’s quick and dirty conversion utility that works off of an HTML file originally. It’s not very good at what it does, but it’s fine for quick proofing. If you need to get your project into a word processor workflow, you should use LibreOffice and the .fodt format. From there you can convert the file to whatever format you need.

At the stage where MMD gets the graphics, there is no difference between linked or embedded images. That is all handled by Scrivener long before it gets to that point. In fact the user manual project makes extensive use of linked images. I don’t think I have a single embedded graphic in that project. I go through LaTeX, but it’s the same idea. Give it a try with HTML, that’s another easy one to test with without downloading any software. If that works then you should be good to go with LibreOffice.