image quality poor in paperback

I am compiling a novel into .docx and—after some reformatting on Word—saving as a pdf that I am sending off for printing. Maps and other images that I included in Scrivener using $img tags come out looking pixellated. The originals are at 600 ppi. Has anyone any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Have you chosen to resample the images in the options area of Compile at all? (The options in the gear tab of the main Compile pane.)

thank you for the reply. No, I haven’t Resampled them. As far as I can see, resampling is only available if I chooses to “scale images to fit page width”—but none of the images span the page width, in fact most of them are only around 300 pixels in width…

300 pixels at 600 ppi? That’s probably the issue, particularly if you are trying to make the image display any larger than what would be its native perfect quality scale of roughly 1.25cm, or 35 points. Or in other words if you try to make your map any larger than a fingernail you’re probably dropping the resolution down well below where it should be.

In general you’ll get the best quality by having the images sized correctly to begin with, and then call them merely with <$img:filename> and nothing else. It’s a lot more straightforward than trying to get two different programs on the same page, about something neither of them really specialise in.

the maps are 3677 pixels wide at 600 dpi—it is ‘glyphs’ that are printed 15mm wide that are 300 pixels in width. Sorry for not making that clear

though I take up your idea of resizing the images to their final size before incorporating them into Scrivener and see if that makes any difference. As it is, I am beginning to suspect that the problem is further downstream—something to do with the pdf that I produce after processing the compiled .docx from Scrivener with Word…