Image Rescaling

I import multiple images into folders for reference, and prefer to have all the images rescaled to fit the screen. However, I currently have to rescale each image individually, opening and double clicking each one to bring up the image toolbar.

I was hoping there would be a way to go about this faster. The ways I could think of are:

  1. A keyboard shortcut to resize image to fit screen. (or just add a menu item and then you could create a custom shortcut)

  2. Ability to add the image toolbar buttons to the main toolbar.

  3. Or a bulk resizing option so you could select multiple images and then resize them all to fit the screen at once.

If there is already a way to do this, please let me know. Thanks so much!

An important thing to consider is that you are changing the actual size of the image in doing so, this isn’t just something to make it look nice in the editor, it’s a way to adjust the print/output size of the image if you do not have an image editor. For that reason, auto-sizing images to fit inside the editor would give you an inaccurate view of the true scale of the image. If the image is otherwise literally changed, it would potentially “damage” every image you drag in if it is already properly sized.

That said there is one view mode that will scale the images to the width of the editor (without actually changing their true size), and that is the Page View mode (View/Page View/Show Page View or Shift-Opt-Cmd-P). If you don’t mind using that display mode, that may do what you’re looking for. Just keep in mind that if you work purely within this mode you aren’t seeing the images for what they truly are, and you may end up with some awkward looking output when you compile. Of course the best option is to just make sure they are the right size before you put them in your text editor.