Image resolution (.eps)

I need some help with linked images. I’m working on a book on music theory, which of course includes a lot of music notation. I exported the musical examples as .eps files. Unfortunately, when exporting the manuscript to pdf, all the graphics are converted to really low resolution pixel graphics. Is there a way to set the resolution or to make sure that the graphics will remain in vector format when compiling?

I also noticed that some of the graphics will be cut off. As these are vector graphics, I cannot really adjust the size of the graphics, so is there a way to make Scrivener scale them to 100% of the available width?

And one more thing. When I update a linked image, the new version will be used for compilation, but the cached image used in the editor will not be updated. How do I make Scrivener update the preview images of linked images?

Just in passing … I am confused about whether where and when you are referring to exporting or compiling … ? And cannot find the export .eps option anywhere. Can you direct me ?

Ok, let me clear this up. I write the music notes in a software called Sibelius. Then I export the musical examples as .eps files (which I need anyhow when setting everything in Indesign later on). The exported images are then linked in Scrivener.

When I compile the draft in Scrivener, I get the aforementioned low resolution pixel graphics that don’t always fit the page.

Clear now?

Thanks - you hadn’t mentioned it was Sibelius and not Scrivener.

I did a quick search in the Scrivener Manual (Scrivener help menu) for .eps and it says this in reference to the cover image:
“Graphics for cover art should be in a standard RGB raster format, such as JPEG2, and not a vector format, such as EPS, nor CMYK colour space which is designed for printing.”

I imagine Scrivener does not support .eps fully. Have you tried single/bulk conversation to .jpg ?

No, I didn’t. I was hoping that it would be possible to make it work with .eps so I don’t have to export everything twice with every change.

What about updating the preview images in the editor? Is that even possible? It would be very important for me.

AmberV from the developer team will probably reply shortly, so my comments are only those of a fellow user.

Of course. My only contribution on that point was to say that because it was not usable for the cover, then it looks like it is a form that Scrivener has not been designed to work with well.
You may not have to export twice if you do a batch/bulk convert. Not sure if this is still operational.

Maybe have a look at Section 15.5.3 in the Manual. You’ll probably understand it better than me.

I believe I’ve got it narrowed it down to the usage of image links instead of embedded EPS (there is another edge case with using the “Proofing” PDF export engine instead of “Publishing” in the Print Settings compile option pane). EPS vector graphics themselves should be converted to vector PDF during compile. I performed a quick test with embedded EPS and compiled to PDF. The resulting output remains vector—there is no rasterisation, everything is converted to native PDF objects, and can even be manipulated in Acrobat Pro.

Incidentally there is a Vector->Raster DPI setting in the Import/Export preference pane, Export tab. However this only impacts vector PDF for formats that do not support such things (such as .doc files).

I would tentatively consider this a bug (not knowing the precise technical limitations first-hand), it may be something that can be fixed. I’ll let Keith know about it. In the meanwhile it looks like embedding is the way to go if you can manage it. That should give you a very high-quality PDF.