Image Resolution/Rendering Issues


When I place images (PNG or JPG) in my document in iOS, they embed fine in my document. However, the resolution is horrible. These images are cartoons with text, and the text is barely readable in scrivener. The same image viewed elsewhere in iOS, not in Scrivener, is crisp/clear/full res. Also, it looks fine in the Scrivener doc on the Mac. If it’s relevant or helpful, my hardware is iPad Pro 12.9".

How can I get the images to display more nicely in iOS? Or is it possible to maybe at least double-click from within Scrivener to see it in full res? The low-res thing is a big deal for me here … hoping there is a workaround of some sort.



Scrivener’s editor does deliberately show images in a lower resolution than the original image to avoid slowdown. There is a problem in Apple’s text system on iOS whereby large images in the text cause typing to slow to a crawl. To avoid this, Scrivener resizes and resamples images for display in the editor. This does not affect the image itself, and all the data is present and correct in the editor, it is only a display thing and only on iOS. (If you were to open the project in macOS, the image be full-res. Although there was a bug in an earlier version whereby the image itself could get resampled in some circumstances, which has been fixed in recent builds.)

Normally the lower resolution used should be fine for display in iOS, though, and shouldn’t look pixellated. Could you please post a screenshot of an image that looks so bad, and possibly send me an image for testing, along with details of the device you are using?