Image resolution


If my manuscript is eventually going to print, what resolution should images be imported into Scrivener at? Print generally requires about 300dpi, whilst on screen display only requires 72 or 96 dpi.


You should use the resolution you want for printing, but given that these may then end up as large file sizes, I’d suggest just using a placeholder while you’re working in Scrivener, then inserting the images directly into the compiled document once you’re ready to focus on polishing the layout. If you need the images for reference while you’re writing, you’re probably still better off making a “draft” version that’s smaller and scaled appropriately for on-screen viewing, or importing the image separately into the binder and just viewing it in a split editor while writing rather than inserting it directly into the text document. That will help with your load and save times while working in the project, and chances are you’ll want to fine-tune the image layout anyway, since Scrivener as a drafting program focuses on the writing and does not have tools for crafting as fancy a layout as you’ll probably want if you’re self-publishing a book with a lot of images.