Image Rotation

I am finding some odd behavior with respect to putting images into a Scrivener document.

The image in question was scanned and needed to be rotated 90 clockwise to view correctly. I did the rotation in Pixelmator and also cropped the photo for my Scrivener use. I saved this as a file called Dad_OCS.jpg.

I imported the file into the Scrivener binder where it is named “Dad_OCS”.

If I use an image tag like this:


to reference the file and then compile, the photo is placed properly located in the compiled output (I have compiled to pdf and also to epub), but it is not properly rotated, it has its original unrotated orientation, but the cropping is correct.

When I view the file thumbnail in the binder it is properly rotated, and it is properly rotated if I click on it in the binder and view it larger in a Scrivener window.

If instead of using the image tag, I drag and drop the file from the binder to its position in the document, it displays properly rotated and also compiles properly rotated.

Am I doing something wrong?

I would try rotating the image with another program, it doesn’t sound like Pixelmator is fully rotating file. I tried with Preview, and use an image reference placeholder with the rotated version in the compiled PDF.

Thanks, Amber. Your are correct, if I rotate the image in Preview in works properly in Scrivener using the image link.

It is something about the Pixelmator file. If I load the Pixelmator file into Preview, it is properly oriented. I then rotated it 360 degrees and saved it. This file still was improperly rotated when used in Scrivener with the image tag.

However, if I start with the original scanned image, load into Preview, rotate and save, then it works properly in Scrivener.

I’ll take this up with the Pixelmator folks.

If you rotate an image 360 degrees is like if you did not rotate it at all. Did you perhaps mean 180 degrees?

Anyway, are your images JPG? Most JPG image handling programs don’t actually rotate an image unless they really have to, because JPG rotation is a lossy process. They use some metadata instead to tell other programs that the image has been rotated.

Maybe Pixelmator has done just that and Scrivener is not reading/aware of that metadata tag.

Actually, I did rotate 360 hoping that that would cause Preview to rewrite the file–which it did, but with no affect to what was happening in Scrivener.

When I used Preview to rotate the original image, then Scrivener acknowledged the rotation properly.

Interesting what you say about rotation of jpg files. Certainly this appears to be true of Pixelmator. I have noticed this in other programs–i.e. that a rotation of an image may be acknowledge in some programs and not in others.

Thanks for the information,