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When dealing with inline images, is there a way to resize them?

Also, when syncing back and forth between OSX and iOS, changes to image size on the desktop seem to get lost.

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I’d like to bump this thread as it never got picked up. To reiterate, and maybe restate:

Is there a way to resize an image in iOS?

And is there a way to preserve resizing whether in iOS or MacOS across syncs?

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Sorry. Bumping this again. This is a real problem. Should I report it as a bug instead?

If no answer is provided on the forum, worth trying

Sorry for not replying - I actually thought I had, as I made a note of this in my development project when I read it! There is no way of resizing images in the editor in iOS, no, and there are no plans to add this. However, if you have sized an image on the desktop, that size should not get lost when going back and forth, so I have it on my list to check that.

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Okay, I’ve spent most of day on this. For a start, I’m not seeing any problem whereby images lose their size when moving between macOS and iOS. However, I did manage to reproduce a much worse problem: if you resize an image on the Mac and then edit the document containing that image on iOS, the quality and resolution of the image is lost. This is down to a fundamental difference in the way images are handled by iOS and macOS.

On the Mac, when reading in a scaled image, I change the pixel width and height to scale it for display, which essentially just changes the DPI so that the resolution and all pixel data is maintained but the image just appears smaller or larger in the editor. I can then grab the data for saving without losing any image quality. On iOS, not only is it incredibly difficult to change the DPI of a given image consistently, but the iOS text system ignores it anyway and shows the image large. So in my previous code, the image data was being loaded and the data itself was being scaled, and this scaled data was then getting saved rather than the original data when the file was edited and saved.

I have rewritten the way images are scaled on iOS for the next update, so that if you scale an image on macOS (or Windows), the data remains intact on a round trip. (The scaling is now performed at a higher level in the UI - it’s more complicated but it seems to work.)

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Keith would it be possible to allow image resizing in the same way you can zoom?

As it stands, if you zoom the view the image “enlarges” up to 1.5 zoom, whereby it’s at a very respectable 80-90% of the screen width.

I’d love to just be able to do that seperate “zoom” on images, while keeping the text zoomed at whatever size I set it. I’m sure most of us that aren’t a fan of small images would. As it stands the image size on 1-1.2x is really small.

Evernote for years has used images that are practically full width (and full width options would be my ideal solution). Even with a document with a couple of dozen images it usually operates reasonably well. I appreciate they’re probably using a different implementation, but any customisation options would be much appreciated.

Image size is literally the number one implementation I am disappointed with. Any other wishes I have are a long, long way back.

Anyway, thanks for all the consideration on this topic.

I’m struggling with the same problem and I found a workaround.
Resizing the image in the Pages app and then copying and pasting it in Scrivener will keep the image size.
It’s an extra work and it’s still not editable (if you want to change it again you have to delete the image and repeat the process). But it prevents from having full width or pixelated images.

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I couldn’t get this to work in Pages but I did find that by importing it from Microsoft Word, this kept the image width

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