Image Sizing Issues After Sync | Windows Beta (C6) & iOS Sync via Dropbox

Image Sizing Issues After Sync | Windows Beta (C6) & iOS Sync via Dropbox

Currently, I am only interested in seeing my images display appropriately in the editor. I have no interest (yet) in making them behave during the compiling process. Also, I am a newbie. I’ve tried my best to search the tutorial, forums, and the manual. So, please forgive me if I am missing something.

Every time I sync on iOS & open my project in Windows Beta, all of my images in the editor revert to their original size. Only a small corner of the image shows in some sort of “viewing window”. I scale the images to a smaller pixel width, sync, open on iOS, sync again, open on Windows & images have yet again reverted back to their original size.

As a web/graphic designer, images are incredibly important in the work that I do — not reference material for me, reference material for my readers! They are just as important as the text. I realize that my image resolution is very high. After all, I am using screenshots from my 12.9" iPad Pro. I will not be resizing my images to circumvent this issue. I’m not sure what size images I will need in the end product. So, I wish to keep my high res images until I’ve finalized my draft, but I’d also like to see them in full while writing in the editor.

I think there is a very simple solution to this that seems to already exist in iOS & that is percentage-based image display. With responsive design (content auto-sizing in response to various screen sizes) being the preferred modern method, I am very surprised :open_mouth: to see that Windows Beta has no option in the editor to scale/display images with a defined percentage width instead of a pixel width. I haven’t displayed an image width based on pixels in ages!

So, I guess this is a bug report and also a highly advised suggestion to switch to (or at least provide an option to use) images scaled w/ percentages instead of pixels. I’d leave it up to the user to learn and understand how images are handled in the editor and in the final complied project.

I would like to clarify that the images I’m referring to in this post are inline, meaning that they are embedded in the content (mixed in with the body text).