Image Tools

I have some folders of PNG images within Scrivener. When I double-click on one, I get a nice little dialog that gives me options to scale, scale to fit, rotate, plus a couple of others. When I embed an image in a text file, double-clicking it produces a dialog that only scales the image and has no rotation option. Why are the two dialogs different? Couldn’t the embedded version also have the other options?


The options available when viewing an image in the binder are merely visual, they are not actually editing the graphic, just changing how Scrivener displays it. If you have images that are backwards or sideways, you need edit them in a program for doing so. You can do this straight out of the binder with Documents/Open/in External Editor, or with more flexibility using the application button in the footer bar. At the very least, Preview has some simple editing tools.

I see the logic now; thanks.