Image won't compile in either Mobi format

I am trying to compile a short story in both epub and mobi format to post on BookFunnel. I have no problem with the epub format, but neither mobi format will add the cover image I’ve created. (It is jpeg, 1600x2560.) I have ticked the “include front matter” and unticked it. There is no other front matter. When I compile my book, I have no problem, but for some reason this short story, written as one chapter in novel template, refuses to include the cover. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to overcome this?

Front matter isn’t the best way to set the cover image directly. That setting is found in the Cover tab of the compile overview screen, on the right side.

As you may note there is an option there to have it use the first image in the designated Front Matter folder, so while you can certainly do things the way you have—it is good to know these settings are here in case your project isn’t set up to work that way initially.

Thank you for that reminder, but the result is unchanged. I still get the general L&L “Great Novel” thumbnail. Ah, well.

To clarify, is this a result you are getting in Kindle Previewer, Calibre and so forth, or are you looking at the thumbnail that is cached into the end-user reader software/device? The latter requires one to flush the thumbnail cache to see new book covers, if one has already been cached for it. I’ve heard slightly altering the title can be enough to get around it, at least to make sure that the setting is working as expected on Scrivener’s side.