Images and Multimarkdown

I have tried to include images in some text that I export MultiMarkdown-> Latex. I have tried the syntax indicated in the MultiMarkdown webpage:
![Fig ref] in the text, and somwhere else
[Fig ref]:
I have tried various version of , including the immediate path of an image contained in a folder, and a Scrivener reference to an image in the same scrivener file.
But this is perhaps not the way it is intended to work?
Any who have successfully included graphics in a Scrivener document exported to LaTex?

What error message do you get when you attempt to render the LaTeX file? Are your figures in a format that would otherwise be accepted? Out of the box, LaTeX only understands Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), I believe. If you are trying to user JPGs, TIFFs, or others–you might need to install the appropriate modules.

I use jpg at the moment. But jpg works fine. But I dont get the right code - the .tex file has a the code \href{/figs/ex01.jpg}{bilde2} that doesnt give me a picture in the pdf file, while a \includegraphics{figs/ex01.jpg} command, entered manually in the tex file works beautifully.

Hmm. That looks quite a bit different than the result I got, which had the correct \includegraphics syntax. The only thing I can think of is that I have not tried referencing. I’ve always just put it right inline like so:


If that still doesn’t work, then you might have a messed up XSLT or something.

There are two separate issues with images:

  1. The image syntax

  2. Using images from Scrivener

If you can create a text file and include images without Scrivener, then you have mastered #1. This should be clear from my web site, as you mentioned.

The second issues is how to keep images in your Scrivener binder. Keith added support that converts a Scrivener link to an image to a URL and exports the image into a folder.

For example:

This is a link to an image — ![Nautilus Star][].

[Nautilus Star]: Nautilus_Star(this is actually a Scrivener Link to an image contained in my research folder) “Nautilus Star” width=307px height=250px

When exported to MMD or LaTeX, the export will actually be a folder, the image will be included, and the Scrivener Link will be modified to a local URL.

Works pretty well in all my tests.