Images appear fine in .mobi, but huge in .epub

Hello! I successfully compiled my novel into the Kindle format - yay! I am using images to denote Part One, Part Two, etc. On a Kindle, they look fine, like this:right.png

In epub, it looks like this (Scroll down):

Everything else is formatted just as I want it. Not sure how to fix this; made sure line spacing is 1.0. Help!

And thank you! I resolved a lot of problems through searching this board already, it is VERY helpful.

PS The word in the image is in Frisian.

It could be a DPI thing. Check the source images in an external editor and see if they are 300dpi or something. That might bloat the size in a viewer that pays attention to such things, but not in another that ignores it.

I think you are onto something - the dpi is small, but the pixel size is huge. I hadn’t thought about dimensions. Thank you! I will resize this (try to, anyway!) and see if that helps.

That was it! Thank you so much!

Excellent! You’re welcome.