Images are blank

I’ve seen this reported before, but not found any solutions. For the first time in over a year, I’ve got an anomaly that is baffling and troubling.

2 pictures are turning into blank pages with the corner turned down. They are sized correctly. They show correctly at first, but if I scroll down, close or shift to another article, the proper image which was fine a minute before, turns into the blank page image. A third image in the same article shows correctly. Hundreds of other pictures some before some after show correctly.

This is not the image if you have the wrong name. That image is a triangle with an exclamation mark. This image is a paper page with the right corner turned down.

I’m using the latest patch v. 15 jun 2018

I write articles. I include images that illustrate what I write and sometimes just to get attention. This is for the web, so the images are small. The two I’m having trouble with are 8k and 53 k. Both jpg files.

All work is done on my machine, no cloud or syncing. My procedure has been to create or download images to a newsletter folder under pictures. Then do an insert/ image linked to a file.

Here is what I’ve tried:

  1. Tried making a brand new article and copying text before and after the images, then inserting the images into the new article. - Still get blank page image.
  2. Tried inserting image instead of inserting link to an image. Looks good for a minute or two, then reverts to blank page image
  3. Tried drag and drop - Still get blank page image
  4. When I pointed to linked images, they showed linking to the correct place, like the images that work.

It is much easier to explain a screen image in an article if I can see the image.

I just tried a third thing:
I linked the image to another document and it came out ok. So, I’m thinking that when I created the new test article I somehow got the problem copied over to it when I copied text. I’ll try inserting the images into a new article, then copying my text to a plain text editor, then copy the text back and insert the formatting.

I’ll report back, but must do other work now.

That worked. I created a new article then linked to the four image files. Then copied the text to an ASCII editor and pasted the text back between the images. Then added the formatting. Looks fine now. Then hid the original article.

Would the programmers like the file with the bad rtf that screws up attached images? I’ll find and send it if you like.

Well, they blanked again. So, after working with the file for a few days, with everything working fine, it reverted back to blank images.
rtf lines for bad image.txt (1.01 KB)
I’ve attached what the blank image looks like. Now remember, this just changed after looking right for 5 days.

I’ve also included the source RTF coding for the first 15 lines or so. I don’t read RTF coding, so I cannot see where things are going wrong. I have linked to hundreds of images the same way, and the first three images in this article are the only ones that have gone blank. The 4th image in this same article has always remained fine, as have the hundreds of other images inserted the same way.
rtf lines for bad image.txt (1.01 KB)

Do you use KeePass to protect the images?

I’m not aware of how Keepass could protect images. If you know something I don’t about keepass please let me know. That would be cool. I have inserted some images or other things inside keepass, but couldn’t link to them. Veracrypt is what I’d use for that purpose, but I’m not using that for these images. The folder my images are in is simply a Newsletter sub-folder inside the standard pictures folder. There are 741 images in it. 3 of the images within this folder show up as blank. The others are fine. Images have been added later and they work. They are standard .jpg files. 178 others are also .jpg. The largest image showing as blank is 52k.