Images are centered in PDF and epub formats, but appear left-justified in mobi format

Images are brought in via tags, they are centered in the draft, and they have “Preserve Formatting” specified:

I have a small test project but it’s too big to upload; let me know if I can send it another way.


Some ideas to reduce the size of the test project:

  1. A single image would suffice for a test.

  2. A small low-res image can be used.

  3. All extraneous material can be deleted from the project, and the trash emptied.

  4. The single-image project can be zipped before uploading.

Such a project should be fine to upload to the forum.


Thanks–I’ve done all that (including emptying the trash and zipping the file) and it’s still too big. I’ll see if there’s a way to send it directly.

I can’t reproduce this myself. If the project is too big to attach, if you have Dropbox you can always send us a link to download the project (zipped up).

All the best,

Hi Keith, on 7/16 I sent it (zipped) to, but if necessary I will upload it somewhere and send a link. Thanks–

Thanks - I’ve looked up the file and I see the problem. I think this is a bug in the Kindle, seeing as if you look at the HTML file, that looks fine. After playing around, I found a way of fixing it, though. In your Compile format, under “CSS”, add the following line to the bottom of the custom CSS area:

figure { text-align: center; }

That should get it looking as you want.

All the best,

Thanks Keith!