images are not being included into the backup zip file

I keep my images in a folder outside of the my_project.scriv folder because Scrivener always complains that images can not be inside the main scrivener project folder if I want to use them in my Binders Research. But I noticed that this image folder is not included in the .zip backup file. So I manually have to copy and paste it to the location of the .zip file.

Could I not encapsulate the my_project.scriv folder and the image folder in another folder and just copy and paste that folder to a new location?

Am I not doing this right?

You should never manually add files into the project folder using Windows file browser.

Instead, you can import the images into your research folder, which makes copies of the original files, and that will be included in your backups. Is there a reason you don’t want to import them (using Scrivener’s File->Import menu, or dragging into the Research folder in the binder)?

When I import images into the Research folder Scrivener makes a copy of them. Ok thanks