Images are ruined when opened on another computer

I have a 11" Macbook Air running El Capitan. I just bought a 13" Macbook Air running High Sierra. I sync everything using Dropbox.

When opening projects on the 13", many or all the images may be washed out/faded to the point that they must be replaced. Example:

  • If I do nothing, close the project on my 13" and then open on my 11", the image will appear as fine.
  • If I edit the project in any way, close the project on my 13" and then open it on my 11", the image will be ruined.

Question 1: What’s going on here?
Question 2: What do I do about it?

One person reported this in the beta group on the day before release but we weren’t able to reproduce it. Can you find a way of reproducing it consistently? If so, can you please send me any files necessary to reproduce it and post the instructions on how to do so here?

Update: I emailed myself a copy of a project from the 11" and opening it on the 13" to see if it was an issue with how Dropbox treats Scrivener projects (which are packages, not files) and the result was the same. So this does not seem to be a problem with Dropbox.

Can you reproduce it at all, though? That is, can you start with the image looking good and open it again with the image corrupted, and are you able to send me a project that I can test to see the before and after effects, with instructions on how to see the process in action? I’d like to work out what’s going on here but don’t have much to go on at the moment, I’m afraid.


Sorry, I should’ve posted here as well as my reply on Twitter. I sent an email to with greater details and a project with description on how I can reproduce the bug on my systems.

Keep me posted, I’m happy to help in any way and can answer any questions/fiddle around on my end/record a screencast/send an astral projection.