Images broken on Linux Scrivener 1.0.1?

After installing the Linux beta 1.0.1 (On Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit) I find that images in my Scrivener projects no longer display.

Anyone seeing this?

When I add an image I get a “link page,” which brings up the image in an external image browser when clicked… er, usually. Sometimes when I select the image in the Binder I just get a blank page. I also get no images in index cards that should have them.


Me too, but on 11.04 64-bit. Working on it, but I just got up, so lemme get some coffee in me first. Looks like a QT issue, and may have to do with a plugin incompatibility since the upgrade to QT 4.7.4, considering it isn’t happening in the Windows version. I think we’re still using the same plugins that were compatible with everything from 4.7.0 through 4.7.2. Gonna try just plugging in the new, um… plugins. If it isn’t something I know enough to fix, I’ll check with Lee when he wakes up. (Dude’s been putting in 15+ hour days for the past month and a half. He’s earned a few hours of sleep.)

If someone can hook a girl up with a non-deb package, I can check. I didn’t have the weird QT conflicts the Ubuntu folks were having.

Edit: nevermind on the hookup. Still need coffee, though.

Hrm. Images work fine for me. (v. 1.0.1.) No useful errors that I can see.

BTW, I also swapped in the plugins from Beta 46… no joy :frowning: