Images disappear from Compile to .PDF

I’m having an issue with one specific document where added images are disappearing when I compile it to a .PDF. Earlier images did work and I’m able to add images in other documents with no issues. I’ve included a screen capture to show what it looks like in the compiled .PDF.

I’ve tried comparing settings between this and other projects. I have tried managing it on different computers. I’ve used both .PNG and .JPG. I have also adding the images through the “insert image” right-click command and by dragging and dropping them into the project.

Any advice for resolving this issue would be welcome.

I’m experiencing this too, except from Compile to Epub. Just one image disappears, and always the same one.

It saves the space for the image (i.e., the text is pushed down as if the image were there), but the space is empty.

I’ve tried reducing the image size, resaving it, and inputting it into the document in different ways. Nothing is working.

I’m using this version of Scrivener: Version: - 14 Nov 2019

Any ideas?


UPDATE: I managed to solve this for myself. The image was set to CMYK mode instead of RGB mode, and once I switched to RGB, it worked. I changed nothing else, so I know that was what it was.

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