Images disappear when Scrivener closes

I don’t know if this is a problem with the most recent version of Scrivener, as I haven’t checked the images I added to my project in a long time, but I just found out that every single reference image I saved in my document has disappeared. I’ve tried adding new images, but surely enough, they’ll also disappear the moment I close Scrivener.

Any ideas what could be causing this?



Just a note to say I’ve seen this too, several time.


Just bumping up the post to make sure the devs see this post, and address this issue! It’s quite serious for someone including pictures in their book :cry:

Another bump. Can someone confirm that this is on the list?



In general, if an L&L staff member has not responded to the thread and renamed it to include a [LH####] bug number, then it probably has not been addressed yet.

If they haven’t addressed it, they probably don’t have enough information yet to be able to reproduce the issue. You can help speed that along by one of two methods:

  1. Provide a consistent set of reproduction steps that the staff and devs can take follow to reliably generate the bug.
  2. Attach an upload to the thread of a minimum-case project that demonstrates the problem across multiple Scrivener installs (e.g. it’s not tied to a specific configuration.) If you don’t feel comfortable submitting your live project, you can totally obscure the text, etc. – just trim everything that is not required to demonstrate the problem.