Images disappearing between Windows Beta and iOS

Hi, I’ve searched on this particular image problem and the only similar reference I can find is here: [url]], which is way too old to be helpful.

I’m on Windows Beta and iOS 1.2.1 (2096)

Today I was working with my iPad, and decided I needed to do some heavy rearranging of my outline. It’s faster on Windows, so I synced the iPad, exited, and opened Scrivener in Windows. I happened to close the iPad in a note with images, and when I opened Windows Scriv, the images were gone.

I’ve been around this block before, and unless I remembered incorrectly, I was told to always insert images from the menu instead of dragging-and-dropping, otherwise things like this might happen. So, to the best of my memory…again…I had done that with these images in the first place.

So, I closed Windows Scrivener and opened the project on the iPad again. The images were there. Dimly remembering this effect from before with another setup (not iOS), I decided to make a completely new note with newly-inserted images to test things out. But before I did that, I saved the images from iOS to OneNote so I wouldn’t lose them forever.

I saved the images to Windows desktop from OneNote as .PNG files. <–possible reason for the problem?
I opened Windows Scrivener and,wait…let’s simplify…

  1. Created new empty note in Windows Scrivener with a distinctive name.
  2. Shut down WinScriv after syncing.
  3. Opened iOSScriv…there is the blank note.
  4. Close IOSScriv, Open WinScriv, inserted an image from my desktop into the blank note. Synced and shut it down.
  5. Opened iOSScriv, note is there, image is there. Nice! Shut down iOSScriv.
  6. Opened WinScriv, note is there, image is gone…

So. Any ideas?

I have a little update here.
I just converted the images in question into JPG files and tried inserting those instead of the PNG files.
Same problem. Once synced to Dropbox from Windows they do open in iOS. Sync iOS and open in Windows again and they’re invisible.
I know they’re there or I couldn’t still see them in iOS.

Wow. Just tried a copy-paste from OneNote…didn’t work.
Tried dragging an image from a website…didn’t work.
I mean that the end result is the very same as the first problem.

I can’t help much, but I just want to add that I used to have this problem constantly for most of the last 12 months ago. It hasn’t happened for me in the last month or two. I didn’t do anything different; it just stopped happening.

Clearly that doesn’t help you much, but, just to let you know I had the exact same “Image Disappearing” Problem happening randomly, when using iOS and Windows Beta together (with Dropbox). For me the issue was never about “Dragging and Dropping” Images either; I always inserted images from iOS, were you obviously have to use the menu.

I appreciate your comment. It’s at least good to know I’m not losing my mind, ha! As for now I’ve decided to host the images in my OneNote setup and simply put a link in the appropriate note in Scrivener. That way even though the images appear to still be in Scrivener, I’ll know that they’re safe.
Lying awake last night thinking about this, I may move the images into the Scrivener Dropbox folder to keep them with the project, but that’s not a necessity.
Again, thank you and have a great day! Here’s hoping this problem raises enough attention to be addressed.
K.B. Tidwell

I also am using Windows Beta (Candidate 6) & iOS syncing via Dropbox.

+1 for invisible document notes after syncing

For me, it’s not just images that are disappearing on the other device after sync, it’s also text. Anything within the document notes area becomes invisible after syncing (not in the editor, in the notes area). I can open my project on the original device & the notes are still there even after making additional changes (in a different part of the document) on the second device & syncing again. The notes area appears to be totally empty on the second device, but all notes remain intact on the original device. It’s possible for this to be related to styling differences? or just a bug in the notes area.

@KelseyatHilltopBooks, you are focusing on image attributes being the issue, but I believe the focus should be on the notes area itself — regardless of the content type. You are definitely not losing your mind. Can you confirm that your invisible content after syncing happens inside the inspector (within the document notes area below the synopsis) and not in the editor?

@RoséJellié I’ll take a close look at that aspect as soon as possible. Thank you for your information.