Images disappearing out of research folders

I added images to a research folder yesterday. Today, when I opened the program, the images were gone from the folder.
I added them from my computer.

The most common causes of this problem are

  1. Synchronization error. The files were added on one system, but not successfully synchronized to the current system. If you have Binder entries but no content, this is probably the cause.

  2. Wrong project. You used the Save As command, creating a new copy of the project, then opened the original copy. Changes made to the new copy are therefore “missing.”


I definitely did not save as and lose them that way. Some have been in the places folder for well over a year.

Is there a way to retrieve them? Or at least prevent this from happening again?

Without knowing what happened to them, it’s hard to say how to prevent a recurrence.

Generally speaking, Scrivener has no ability to change a project that’s not open, so the most likely cause lies outside of Scrivener.

Is this folder managed by OneDrive or a similar service? When files that haven’t been used in a while “disappear,” it’s often because software that looks for “unused” files did whatever that software was instructed to do. (Some services simply move the files so that they’re only stored on a server, some delete them entirely.)