Images disappearing

I’m using version on a desktop pc and a laptop, both running Windows 7 64 bit; also IOS scrivener on an iPhone SE with IOS 13.1.1. I am working on a .project created with Scrivener 1.

After converting the project and experimenting with styles and fonts, I found that the images I had inserted in the text were no longer displayed.

In the Scrivener 1 version, the image files (mostly jpg, with some png) were stored in the Files\Docs folder, but the folder structure is different in the beta 24 version. I added a Scrivener\Images folder and copied the image files to it from a backup. I was able to insert the images back into the text, but they also disappear after closing and re-opening the project.

Is this a known issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

Haven’t seen that one yet, so I’d guess the answer to the first question is no.

However, because you’ve got a converted Scrivener 1 project (and they can be buggy. I don’t know why), I’ll suggest this:

Create a new project in version 3. Open the old project in version 1.

Select in version 1 the entire binder, and drag/drop it into the new v3 project. This should bring over all the images.

This may not work, but it should. If it doesn’t work, you could try importing into a new v3 project the old v1 project.

I have a project with dozens of pictures in each chapter of the Manuscript/Draft folder, and they stay put. But the project was created with v3, not converted from v1.

I hope that helps.

Thanks RWFRANZ for your response. For the record, I did as you suggested, and imported my version 1 data into a newly-created version 3 project. This solved the problem of disappearing images.

I also tried creating a new version 3 project, into which I imported the data from the misbehaving converted project (so as not to lose some writing and editing I had done). This also solved the problem of disappearing images, so I have continued to work with this one. So far, it appears to be working as it should.

Again, thank you for your help.

And I guess the question for the devs is, why do converted project files act strangely sometimes? Losing images, etc.?

It’s not a dealbreaker for most, but manual conversion ( either select all/drag/drop or import) seems much more reliable than letting the conversion utility do the conversion. There’ve been quite some few strange issues with converted files that are solved by manual conversion of some sort.