Images doesn't appear with the right size after compiling to word

I’m giving a second chance to Scrivener. I absolutely love the idea, but there are some bugs and difficulties that really gets in the way of a great experience.
Right now, I’m compiling a project to Word.
However, although the image is fitting the page on scrivener, when I compile it to word, the image size is wrong and surpasses the document’s borders.

Here’s how it appears on my editor:

[attachment=0]Captura de Tela 2020-10-18 às 21.24.25.png[/attachment]

Here’s how it comes on word: … 1.png?dl=0

Editing it again on word doesn’t make sense. I want to compile and get a document ready for sharing with others with no need for additional tweaks. How can I solve this?

Possibly an indent? See:


The editor pane in Scrivener is wider than the page in Word – I can tell because of the way the text wraps – and therefore the image is too big.

As a start, I’d suggest turning on the Ruler in Scrivener (View → Text Editing → Show Ruler) and making sure your text box is the right width.

More generally, Scrivener is not a WYSIWYG editor. You should size images based on the actual number of pixels you want in the output, not how they “look.” See Section 15.7 in the Scrivener manual for more information.


Oh, that’s exactly what happened. I changed the size of the images and made them smaller in Scrivener. Now they appear a lot better after the compilation with a reasonable size. Thank you very much! Problem solved!