Images extend past right margin in Word

I have a long manuscript with many figures (approximately 170). I create all these Figures in InDesign, convert them to Tiffs (at present 300 dpi with a width of 8.9 inches).

I bring the Figures into Scrivener by picking them from an Artwork file in the Finder and moving them to to place in Scrivener where I want them (I don’t try to import them in some way from Scrivener).

When I export this as RTF word compatible all of the figures fit within the margins when I open the file in Nisus writer. However when I open that same file in Word the Figures extend past the right margin.
This also happens if I compile the file as a Word Document rather than an RTF file (the publisher uses Word to create the index).

Thanks for any help.

An 8.9 inch figure won’t fit into an 8.5 inch page. You’ll need to resize them.

It sounds like Nisus is doing this automatically, while Word is not.