Images for Kindle Fire HD Come Out Small

Hi all,

I’ve been very successfully formatting my books with Scrivener for over a year now. My children books include a ton of images, and they’ve been displaying well when I set them as JPG 450 x 550 pixels, 72 dpi.

Today I decided to see one of my books on my wife’s Kindle Fire HD. And the images were… tiny!

What settings should I use in my MOBI export so that the images show full size on the Kindle HD devices?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Amazon has been recommending the use of print resolution graphics for e-books, since digital displays are now approaching (and often exceeding) what is used in even art books. Unfortunately this means massive e-books for stuff that is primarily pictures, such as children’s picture books. Striking a balance is probably going to be your best bet, as you don’t want to run into that threshold where they start eating into your cut, if you can avoid it.

To be clear this isn’t a settings issue. You need to get the source graphics themselves up to at least 200 dpi if possible, 300 if you can.

Thanks, looks like I managed to figure out what to do. As you advised, I’m now loading images with 300 dpi resolution (with the <$img:…> reference method vs. direct in-line paste that I used to do before) and setting the width to 1000 pixels, although the real image width is 600.

Playing with the source image sizes, I managed to achieve a reasonable file size and future-proof my books a little. My books now look gorgeous on the Kindle Fire HD.

Thanks again!