Images from WebArchives dissapear

Firts of all I admire this excellent software. I work a lot with Research folder storing web pages there. But I’ve noticed (while working offline) that Scrivener is unable to download and show most of the images (it depends on exact page, but most of the webarchives seem not to contain images within). I thought that every image of the page should be saved into webarchive. But it looks like images go to some kind of cache (neither Firefox nor Safari, I’ve tried to empty them) and after a couple of hours of offline work (with rebooting etc) images dissapear from webarchives. Please advice.


Thanks for the kind words!

Scrivener uses .webarchive files to download and store web pages internally, the same as Safari uses if you go to save a web page. Apple’s WebKit handles this format and determines whether images get properly downloaded or not. I believe that it didn’t used to but that more recent versions of the WebKit have fixed this issue - what version of OS X are you running?

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I have not updated to SnowLeo (because it doesn’t work with some old software), so I stopped updating at version 10.5.6. Do you think this is an issue?

Yes, that is most likely the problem. I can’t find the exact report on this online at the moment, but it was definitely something that was fixed in WebKit post-Snow Leopard, so if you’re running an older version of the WebKit (as you most likely are on Leopard), then you’ll still have the problem, unfortunately. One thing you could do is convert such pages to text (Documents > Convert > Web Page to Text) when you first download them, while the images are visible.

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Thank you!